Tuesday, May 05, 2015

ramp up

The volume of events really started to ramp up during May of 2002,  and the number of albums steadily increased from this point.  Aside from the usual Monday night at Club Evos, local celebrity DJ Nitro kicked off a Thursday night with DJ Xan Lucero, local XO Nightclub Resident DJ RJ Bass started "Rhythm & Bass" at the The Empire Room that ran for a few years, and a solid Friday kicked off in Lawrence at the Pool Room called Project Groove.  Promotion group C2 Global came out of the blue to through a couple of parties at Club Chemical (Mass & The Pink Party), and KC-Nightlife celebrated a third anniversary at the club and at home.

Three other events challenged the endurance of the scene as a couple of Raves took shape in KC and in Lawrence.  They really didn't follow the standard "Cloak & Dagger" recipe that stories of their predecessors portray, but were a unique towards that, each in their own way.  The first of the month was Midnight Drive, featuring the legendary Frankie Bones with backup from DJs Dan Ostroff, Pat Nice, L*STR and Offtrack.  The second event, Inertia in Lawrence, didn't really go off quite as well, but the music was good all the same. The last event of the month featured some excellent regional talent with DJs Stan Doublin, Danksii, Damon Williams and James Deep at TeePee Junction. Seven other DJs helped to keep the music banging inside and out until sunrise.  Welcome to Paradox.

It was a full month, but there was still time for a stop at the annual Polski Day celebration in Kansas City, KS for the parade and ensuing street party at Frank's Place.  And near the end of the month there was a sweet treat at Davey's Uptown, when Evolution hosted a live fire performance with the artist Veronica the Fire Vixen. That was before the whole Whitesnake incident out in West Warwick, Rhode Island, so burning down the house was still legal.

All of the photos from the month have been restored for May of 2002.  More albums may begin to be restored before next month.  Keep up with the restoration on our  g+ page, and be sure to check out our new Collections.  Its a new thing that Google is doing that allows me to group these events, and some already are; otherwise, hit the links above, or feel free to sort through all of the Albums.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

420 dance olympics

There was nothing particularly remarkable or super exciting about April 2002; that is, unless you count the events that escalated in excitement and caliber of talent.  Most of the events were centered around the 20th of April, creating a bit of an Olympics of Underground Dance Music during several back-to-back-to-back days in Kansas City.  It all started fantastically with with a CD release party for local DJ Booth at what was by now the standard for underground dance music, Club Evo's. The event turned out well, with nearly all of the notable local DJs showing their support, and just as many or more, dancing.

A few days later, one of two fantastic events hosted by DeepFix Records, that month turned out even more.  The second in the Designer History series featured two huge names in counterbalance with one another.  The entire night was crazy, with the main stage held up starting with local sounds from DJs Danny Ward and Joe K, before being taken over by Deep House sensation Tim Shumaker from Chicago.  Tim kept the groove moving along solid until my personal favorite, Techno giant Gaetano Parisio from Naples, Italy took the stage to roll out the rest of the night.   An additional room featured local up and coming Drum and Bass talent, Sara Lee, Ben Fuller, cQuence, and Krillin, along with Traci Dub, just in from Warrensburg.  Folks everywhere where dancing hard, sweaty and with an intensity rarely noted elsewhere in the city; a fine night indeed.

There was a brief intermission that lasted a couple of weeks, where there really was not much going on.  It was as if everyone was reserving their energy for the coming marathon.  In the realm of locally-produced underground dance music events in April 2002, Designer History 2 was only rivaled by another event produced by the same group, Soul Glow.  While the main talent was not quite of the stature of Gaetano Parisio, it was no less explosive, and to top things off, it was held on 4/20.  Joshua (IZ), one of the originators of the San Francisco underground sound whipped the El Torreon into a frenzy that night, after the likes of Brett Johnson and Demarkus Lewis from Dallas, along with relative newcomer Mark Shade, from Tucson.  A second room featured a different flavor that had been missing in many of my travels thus far; a set of broken beats from locals Soda, mdm, Ben Fuller, cQuence, and edw!n.  It was an awesome, dance-filled night, that nobody wanted to leave.

The date 4/20 spawned other events too. The night before Soul Glow saw a return to what I will likely continue to refer to simply as the ATM; not because of cost or anything like that, but it is shorthand, and the host will easily recognize it.  This was the second in a line of what would be rather infamous house parties, and the photos were quite a lot of fun, and I got chance to meet a few more new DJ faces, like Synnister and then NastyNate; later Frooky.  The day after that house party, but before Soul Glow, was another odd little even known as the 420 Olympics.  It is probably best to leave the line-up of activities for that particular show to the imagination.  There were a few photos, which are now relegated to the "randomness" album.

Two days after 4/20, Kansas City witnessed a massive event never seen before, and not since.  DJs Sasha and Digweed arrived for the Delta Heavy Tour.  The site was still not known enough to gain press access for this event, but we were definitely in attendance that night, and witness to and part of a dancing throng of nearly 2,000.  I had never seen that many folks in Kansas City dancing all at the same time, and it really was quite an experience.  There are only a couple of photos from out front that are stuffed in the "randomness" album too; there is also an amusing screen shot from the Uptown web site, announcing the event and performers as "Sasha and Bigweed."  You can find that in the "artifacts & oddities" album.

The remainder of the month was not quite as intense, but no less fun.  We returned to Club Evos a couple of more times; once to celebrate a birthday for local DJ Malcolm816.  That was a night utter drunken silliness.  There was also a return to the regular old Monday night full of cheap drinks and good music, which again, had become The Standard for Local Underground Sounds in Kansas City, at Club Evos; the quaint dirty little hole on the corner of James & Central we all loved so well.

Visit Google+ to see the newly restored albums from these events in April 2002.  There is a direct link to the albums view under the collections tab above also. You will need to be in our circles to see private events (such as the previously mentioned ATM), but most are publicly available.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

facing the lens

The photo experience had begun to change, as folks turned towards the camera.  I noticed this, just after returning from Mardi Gras, and it became even more apparent during the month of March.    They smiled. They posed.  They put on a show.  I had started off looking for a more of a fly-on-wall view of an event, but this added a new, more personal dimension to the story line.

March 2002 started off with several hundred descending upon the the El Torreon ballroom and danced the night away to the DeepFix production, Designer History.   It was quite a show, with Mateo Murphy from Montreal and Lance DeSardi, out of LA headlining, with backup from St Louis' Don Tinsley and local Kansas City house legend Pat Nice.  A Drum & Bass room rounded out the selection for the night, hosting Mr. Solve out of Springfield, and locals Ben Fuller, edw!n, Krillin and James Bond.

The following Monday, along with a others throughout the month, found me back down at Evo's,  It was quickly becoming the spot for local underground dance sounds.  Mondays were fun, laid back, and full of appreciation for local talent.  At a couple of other shows on Friday or Saturday, the place was completely off the chain.

Detroit legend DJ Assault stormed the Club with his own particular brand of Ghetto-Teck aka Booty House, just before St Patrick's Day, and Chicago favorite Mark Almaria made it down to play for the birthday of a close friend. Unfortunately, the later was disrupted by Kansas City's finest.  I don't recall exactly what that was all about.  After poking, dodging a few dancers, and adding to the flashing light display within the club they picked up the door receipts and left.  Puzzling that they would think they were entitled to the door cash, having not contributed to the effort of running the event.

The final show of the month at Evo's was of an entirely different sort, but somewhat the same.  I was invited to come and photograph Euphoria 3, but was warned that it was primarily an Asian crowd.  Was that supposed to make a difference?  It didn't seem to.  I am not sure what that difference would be anyway.  A couple of guys I had heard before, were playing; from New Orleans, DJ Goof, Johnny 5, Special K & Burnz.  The remainder of the line-up was local talent.  It turned out to be quite an intense show, with a packed house that seemed to appear all at once, dancing hard until the last beat.  The photos returned to their essence briefly, with very few posed shots and lots of partying shots.

In between these shows, a random variety of angles around town too.  At the start of the month, I stopped in at the Longbranch Steakhouse to take a few photographs of their Mortgage Burning Party, and chilled a bit to some live Jazz at 12 Baltimore.  St. Patrick's Day arrived, and I started at the north end of Grand Avenue and walked south, opposite the flow of the parade route during the Kansas City St Patrick's Day Parade.  It was a fantastic time, but quite a walk. Later on in the month, we toured an out of town friend around the music and cocktails available on a Thursday night at Jilly's on Broadway and the Aqua Lounge in MidTown.

Visit Google+ to see the newly restored albums from these events in March 2002.  There is a direct link to the albums view under the collections tab above also. You will need to be in our circles to see some of them, but most are publicly available.